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Told from multiply points of view, ‘Here and Gone’ by Haylen Beck starts with the basic idea of Audra running away with her two children from her awful marriage.  She gets pulled over in a small town, is arrested and suddenly the children disappear. You soon find out who has the kids and kind of why but once your over that shock the book starts to drag a lot.

Psychological thriller this is not! A bigger twist would have been had Audra really done something to the kids or better yet had no kids with her at all. Maybe it would have been better had the story only been told from Audra’s point of view, because you know she’s telling the truth and in a mystery book where’s the fun in that?!?!

I really liked the character of Danny, who has something like this happen to him a long time ago. Yet it felt like Danny could have solved this case a long time ago.

A lot expected things happen: Drug addict mother, abusive father, evil/cold mother in law, dumb cops…I mean the works. I almost feel like I’ve read or seen this before.

My issue with this book is that none of the characters are really unlikeable.

I didn’t want to spend time with them.

Sean and Louise (the children) are unpleasant. Louise might be younger but just never senses any danger.

The book was ok and would have rated it high but the ending felt very, very rushed and very forced.

Yes you find out that Danny got his revenge (yeah!!) but did he ever find his daughter? Is she alive or dead? How many other children did he save?

The dark web wants these kids but it never says for what…sure its for nothing good but still.

But the issue is that it just kind of ends not letting you know how many other kids had gone missing over the years.

Also some of the Forensic science seemed off.

Another issue is that Danny’s wife Mya killed herself but saying time and again that Mya was weak but Audra is not that felt very, very wrong. I did not like those comparisons at all.

The character of Collins is another sticking point for me. She has a very sick child at home and really needs the money. Yet she gets killed asap and there is never any mention of her very sick son. She gets killed and that’s it. There is also no way that she would treat these kids like that. It just didn’t seem to fit.

So all in all not the greatest mystery. I really was hoping for a big twist and in the end nothing really happens. You just know it will all end well. We are suppose to feel happy that this family survived but by never connecting with the characters it kind of feels like a let down.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”