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Where’s the magic?!

I was so excited to get this book ‘The Midnight Queen: A Noctis Magicae Novel’ by Sylvia Izzo Hunter. A tale filled with magic and mystery….I got anything but that.

The biggest issue with this book is that it starts out with a fight and your kind of lost as to what’s going on and who’s who. So many names and places being tossed about. Then its takes about 50 to almost 100 pages to get the mystery started.

As a reader you think ‘finally we get to the good stuff’….A possible assassination attempt, a missing princess, magic bring it on…and yet this book drags. There is no sense of urgency. There is just all this information being tossed at you, information instead of magic. I was expecting more magic but there are long, long, long moments of talking, where nothing happens and its just down right boring.

You have one or two funny moments such as Gray as an owl vs the window but it falls flat.

I did find Mrs Wallis funny, and I did like Joanna.

But its just I never connected with this book. I really could not find myself caring about Sophie or Gray.

Gray is nice and Sophie is smart but its an instant love story with characters I never connected with. I wasn’t interested in this journey they took.

Another issue is that the character of Gray stutters at first. Now instead of saying ‘gray, when nervous slightly stuttered’ one gets ‘h..h…h….hello sir..’ I don’t need to read all his stuttering.

I put the book down a number of times and had to force myself to finish it. A quick search informed me that there are two more books that follow this one. I shall not be reading them.

It was not a magical story for me.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”