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Arena, sounds interesting, Virtual Gaming is the new sport with gladiators being the players. That’s what you will find in Holly Jennings  book ‘Arena’.  That idea is all I liked. The rest of the book is awful.

The main character of Kali Ling, try as I might I could not connect with her or even really care about her issues or what happens to her or her team. I’m not sure why but the character never really popped for me.

The constant drug use was a put off. Its drugs, drugs and more drugs. The forced love interest is a  joke. This is romance? Wow from people who hate each other to lovers never read that before (rolls eyes). The sex scenes were laughable to say the least.

The only moment I thought was cute was that the new guy, rooke, would bring her a book and she’d drop it off the next day at his door.

The death of a player early on never hits home and the the rest of her ‘team’ never stand out. I can’t tell them apart and really you come to the point you don’t care.

I have read better fan fiction and other first time novelist then this book. Like say Ninth City Burning by J. Patrick Black see review https://theworldisabookandiamitsreader.wordpress.com/2017/06/26/finally-a-good-sci-fi-story/?iframe=true&theme_preview=true&calypso_token=5c531ad5-3bd4-487d-b7ec-a365b2a19440 

Its like the author was stuck in the Virtual Gaming world and wanted to stay there more then being worried about building the characters.

I mean your in a VR world and yet its always a castle? Why not  under water or a race way? Change it up?!?!

Also what’s suppose to make this team good? They don’t get along so why are they a good team? How long have they been together?

Why is Kali so good because I saw none of that. They almost lost because they didn’t view other teams as an issue. And in the end I almost wish they had lost because that would have been a twist I was not expecting.

Oh and while we are at it why should I care if this team wins or not? Well I mean unless you worry about them not making all this money or the sponsors dropping them. But they must win because of there dead ‘teammate’ and because of the fame and money. There are no consequences in the end. Now I’m not saying make this like hunger games but at least make it have some kind of consequence. Money should NOT be a consequence.

But wait Kali is SO good she wants to be a team owner and change the industry?!?!? Change what? But she will not take her team because they need to make names for themselves. Ummmm yeah.

In the end I found myself ready to hit the escape button.

Side note I read that this book got a sequel?!?! That I can guarantee you I will not be picking up.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”