‘Ninth City Burning’ by J. Patrick Black now this is what I call scifi. Humans fighting back against an alien invasion. Now your talking. Sure we never find out why we are fighting them but that’s besides the point.

I have to say the book description is not fully accurate. Jax to me was never the main character, neither is Naomi. To me the main character that connected everyone was Rae. As a reader I wanted to spend time with Rae and follow her story and how she has to switch from one culture to another. To be placed in a class with kids much younger then her. To me she was the most interesting part of the story, no one else.

Yes you follow a few other characters as well and you are able to keep them apart. A few times the description goes a little long with too much details. At times Kizabel has a little too much information. We get it. Or the battles yeah we really get it. Sure your creating a new world so I was ok with certain amount of detail but sometimes there was too much.

Sure never really know the reason behind the war but I loved the hints at valentines day. See someone didn’t get enough chocolates!!!

Jax’s past was missing but since I really wasn’t too into him I can easily overlook it.

I was bother that a moment was missing when Rae goes off to battle and her sister, Naomi, doesn’t say goodbye. Or at times I felt Naomi needed to be a little more worried about Rae. That really is one thing that bothered me about the book. These are sisters and I felt like it was always more Rae being worried about Naomi not the other way around.

The magic elements were kind of cool. Not really sure why there’s a link to the old glasses or certain older elements but hey its scifi. You just go with it.

I enjoyed how the book ends. Sure one could add another book or two but I will simply say please no. The book ends on a good note leave it at that. Don’t drag it out. But I would not be shocked if they’d made this into a movie.

Its a good scifi book that stands on its own.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”