Reading the description of ‘Long Black Veil’ by Jennifer Finney Boylan I was expecting a thrilling mystery… instead I got a book that was nothing like it.

First issue is I never connected or even cared about any of these characters. They are unlikeable and crazy and you just don’t care.  I could not keep them apart or even picture what they look like. The book starts out with 6 people, a kid and a professor? Yeah far too many people.

You end up with odd names like Backflip Bob, Falcon, Tripper, Pennypacker but again you can’t keep them apart or care how or why they are connected.

This book kept bouncing around a lot between characters and time. It would have been much better to focus on the one character of Judith who really has the most backstory and instead focus on her mystery (which I liked). That would have made a better book.

The only moment I liked was when they were all trapped in the jail and the comment of ‘I’m trapped’ hints at something else and becomes a double meaning. But one line is not enough for me to recommend this book.

This book also has some guy who is euthanizing pets?!?!?

I also found it insulting to call the german language a ‘language that sucked the beauty directly from the air.’  What is that? Also what ‘the black speech in Tolkien has to do with Hitler’ be beyond me. Does not add to the book. Acaully made me dislike it even more so.

I also kept rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue that made it sound like a teenage romance novel.

One time you have almost two paragraphs talking about comfort food. So much so I was expecting recipes on the following page.

So this book needs to be sent back to the editor. Focus on one character one could care about. Not this…whatever it is. Truthfully I have read better fan fiction then this.

By the time I got to the end of the book I had no idea who had been killed or why and to be honest I no longer cared.

The Long Black Veil needs to be shoved back into the dark.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”