They say never judge a book by its cover well I did in the case of ‘How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip’  by Hitha Palepu and it turned out to be a cute small book. Could I find some of these tips online sure but a book is much better. That being said the title ‘How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip ‘ is misleading. This book is aimed more towards the first time domestic traveler or business traveler.

Being a world traveler myself I can tell you some of the tips would not work on a 4 week long world trip.

Where one can lose luggage or have to wait days for it to arrive (which is where travel insurance is helpful). Hence my travel tip of ‘pack as if your going to lose it’ comes in. (Hey maybe I could get a book deal! LOL)

Those are the kinds of trips where one has to deal with jet lag or adapter’s as well as a number of other issues. Not to mention bringing gifts for family and friends.

I did find Hitha Palepu’s comments on cocoanut oil very interesting.

Some of the tips are good. As well as reminding people to get out and enjoy the city when you arrive.

And remember if you forget something you can always buy it at your end destinations.

The most important item when you travel is your papers and medication. Check, check and recheck.

Folding versus Rolling was interesting and yes this book is a fun and fast read. Cute drawings as well.

One important item the book misses is where are you staying? Hotel? Family/friends? Because certain items don’t need to be packed and leaves more room for say other items aka souvenirs.

Example: When your on a trip you can always buy that extra vacation T-shirt so you don’t have to take so many T-shirts with you.

Other questions started to pop up such as how are you flying? Domestic or International? Are you in couch or first/business class? If your in first/business you get a lot of items that she advises to pack. And snacks for an International trip are not good because upon arrival you have to dump any fruits/veggies/cheese ec you did not eat.  PLus the travel lounge is open to certain fliers so they feed you well.

And this is just me but I am someone who can leave my computer/electronics at home when on vacation.

I rolled my eyes at the tea bags on your eyes…I think not! But true about the airplane being full of germs.

I did like the little list at the end of the book that could easily be pulled out. So that was a plus.

The book is nice and again depending on the type of traveler you are this might be helpful.

Read it and enjoy your trip.

Side note: one little tiny item that bugged me was that there was no photo of the author?

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”