What would happen if you cooked for Picasso? Well what if there was a Picasso painting hidden, waiting to be found? This is what ‘Cooking for Picasso’ by Camille Aubray tries to answer.

So I liked the idea of someone cooking for Picasso. I thought ‘I like this mix of fact and fiction…’ so that is why I was enjoying the first part of this story…and then it would not end. No really it just kept going and going and well that’s never a good sign when one gets bored.

This story after a while becomes very long winded. And predictable. So so very predictable. Ondine cooks for Picasso and likes Picasso she then sleeps with Picasso and becomes pregnant by Picasso but the man she loves who has been gone for so long and thought was dead is back…and they go to america…and and and you get the idea. So VERY predictable.

I was finding myself rolling my eyes more and more as the book went on and I think even my cd player had had enough and on disk 6 the cd got stuck and would not go on (very telling).

I mean you start to get hungry and almost wish that some of the recipes had been listed in the book. And then at times it almost feels like a cook book.

Speaking of books I have discovered that I am not a fan of audio books. They are just not for me. I would rather have a book in my hand instead of listening to over 11 disks meaning well over 13 + hours of being read to. Now sure it is read well by Mozhan Marno but this book just did not work for me.

The mystery could have made this a good book but sadly this one failed. Then all these amazing things happen by pure luck. They find the lawyer alive, and the boy is alive and everything works so well…not to mention there are little details that do not move the story any further. Side note the sex scenes… at times its almost a romance novel that made me roll my eyes even more so.

So cook for Picasso but please just let the man paint.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”