I saw it in the window and just had to have it…thank goodness UPS is fast and the book ‘In Such Good Company’ by Carol Burnett, came asap. And yes I really enjoyed getting ‘into the sandbox’ with Carol and the gang I must admit.

Remembering some of the great moments like ‘the family’ that led to the wonderful tv show mama’s family.

Some stories I knew about, other’s I didn’t such as the night she fired Harvey.

The great mama’s family blooper and of course the most iconic skit of them all the dentist.

‘In Such Good Company’ has some wonderful stories such as a trip to Rome, Australia, how hard it is/was being the women in charge and about the Q&A and well just go read it…go on. Bump up the lights and read this book.

But Mrs. Burnett now you’ve got me guessing who the one actor was who wasn’t so great….let the guessing games begin.

It was a good overview of the show, behind the scene’s, the skits they enjoyed doing (like the charwoman), the actors they had fun with, why the show ended or even started in the first place ec. One thing is very clear they all got along very well.

So after reading this book I really wanted to watch some segments so I popped over to youtube for a good laugh. Yes this included the skit with ‘the dress’.

I loved that the book had pictures and at times I wish there had been a few more. But wow this was television where you could sit back, laugh and have a good…make that a great time.

Thank you for such an amazing show that will stand the test of time and for a wonderful book as well.

In closing I will include a Tarzan yell and mention “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”