Time to grab some more color pencils another amazing coloring book by Daria Song called  ‘The Night Voyage A Magical Adventure and Coloring Book’ has arrived.

Could you spend hours coloring the little details, yes you could. But I myself find that coloring this book is a waste. The pictures are so lovely and beautifully in black and white I feel coloring them would ruin the magic, But that’s what they are there for. To color them or not I leave up to you.

Each page holds such wonderful little details such as seeing the entire room from above, the little origami birds holding hearts. I loved the little quote on one of the pages about sending a letter which leads you to the last page where you can cut out a card to color and send. Now that one I would color!.

A keen eye will see once or twice there is a package for Daria in some of the pictures.  Don’t forget to check under the cover, a hidden picture is always to be found there.

Oh and the expressions oh Phoebe the cat throughout the book priceless.

I hope Daria Song has a 4th book planned because I want to magic to continue.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”