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If you happen to pick up the book ‘Armada A Novel’ by Ernest Cline…put it down to the side and pick any other book instead. What an awful book.

Let me just say I am a huge sci-fi fan and this book turned me off. I don’t need pop culture references every other paragraph.

Too much time went into explaining how the video game worked.  Mostly its a story of a kid who plays a lot of video games and then gets recruited to help save the world. Sounds kind of cool right but really its not.

The character of Zack was uninteresting. I really could not care less about his issues, his friends and his addiction to video games.

And while he has to save the world his dead father comes back into his life and predictably ends up dead again.

There was something about bullying and millions of people being killed and why the aliens were doing this and I honestly just started skimming pages because I found myself caring less and less each page.

I guess the world gets saved in the end but by that point I was already pressing the escape button.

Not worth it at all.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”