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‘The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly A Physician’s First Year’ by Matt McCarthy

This book shows you that becoming a doctor is never easy and a glamorous life it is not. Its shocking to see how they learn, how many mistakes are made, the hardships such as being awake 30 hours is just insane. The pressure and the stress. The fact that medicine is a guessing game. The costs. Basically when you read this book you will never want to go to a doctor ever again.

It was interesting and shocking and makes you wonder why people still do it. And amazes you that one somehow gets amazing doctors out of this in the end. And that no matter what the stress gets to everyone.
So in that its a good book.

However I felt humor was missing from the book. Yes we see how hard it is but there are bound to be some funny things he came across. So I missed that humor.

I also would have liked to have seen a Q&A with the author at the end. Simply because I want to know if what he knew he would experience would he still choose to become a doctor? And perhaps any advice to anyone going into the medical field. I also would like to know what he’s doing today. And really when it got to a low point what made him keep going. So some things like that.

I also felt there were a few must know things that I almost missed such as how did his blood work turn out, who called him and why for messing up at the start? The doc who had passed away was kind of tacked on? How did the heart transplant go. So a few important details that kind of were tacked on and hidden. And you kind of want to know what happened to the rest of his pod and some of the other people he worked with.

I know a very wise teacher of mine once said ‘if you become a doctor your surrounded by sick people every single day…’ and that was an eye opener…so was this book.

Did I enjoy it sure but it also makes me so glad I didn’t go to Med school.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”