I have to give a shout out to a wonderful rewards site I came across called Gifthulk.

Its a great way to earn rewards. Points add up fast. You can try your luck on the daily ‘guess the card game’. Somedays you feel like doing surveys…or not. You can search, do tasks, watch some video’s almost everything on the site pays.

You get good support unlike other reward sites.
And you can level up fast. The more you level up the more chances you get at the daily ‘guess the card game’. The top level has the nice incentive of giving you a free $10 gift card. And you get 10% back on all points spent. What a great way to save money and work on your new rewards.

Good section of rewards. From Paypal to amazon to Walmart. You will find a reward you can use.
So give it a try. I did and I’m hooked. Gifthulk for me is wonderful because I can splurge on my love of books. šŸ™‚