The “Summer House with Swimming Pool” by Herman Koch shows it is best to vacation by yourself and don’t tick off your doctor.

What amazed me is how very unlikable these characters are yet I still wanted to know what happened. However it did take me about 100 pages to fully get into the book. I did enjoy the mystery of what happened at the swimming pool, the different location this time based in the Netherlands, and seeing the the different way someone was ‘murdered’.

At the start of the book we already know that actor Ralph Meier is dead. The book then takes us back to when the good doctor, Dr. Marc Schlosser, met the actor, Ralph Meier, and how there lives intersect and how it all collides at the summer house with a swimming pool.

Yes one wants to know what happens. It does draw you in and there are some funny moments.
In the end it is about protecting your family…yet you don’t feel for these characters because they are so unlikable.
As for the ending I felt there was something missing. I was expecting more. So I have to echo what a few other people have said the ending is a let down.

Would I read another book but Herman Koch, I’m sure I would…however I hope the next book has a more satisfying ending.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”